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  • If your order is damaged, lost, stolen, delivered late, or does not meet your satisfaction, you are qualified to return any or all products for a partial or full refund. We will provide a return label. Simply email our Support Team your order number and concern. Any concern must be submitted within 30 days of receiving the product. After this, no complaints will be registered.
  • If a refund is issued, the amount paid for Stealth Order Protection will not be returned.


Ordering Terms and Conditions

Payments are due at time of order. However, orders may be placed over the phone or email. In this event, payments are due over the phone or email at time of order. We accept payments in the form of Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Pay Pal.

We do offer PO orders to schools, churches, corporate organizations and others. All PO order's standard payment terms are net 30 days - all payments are due within 30 days from the date of invoice. You will be invoiced immediately upon receipt of your order.

School PO will not be used for documentation purpose only order receipt will be used as document.

We have the right to refuse to place any orders.

Orders that are not paid within Net 30 will be charged collection fee of 20% on top of the original order amount.

The guarantee of "order delivered on time or its free" will be valid only if there is not any delay caused by the carrier/shipping company, and it will be only for valid continental US States. 

We will beat any competitor's price by 10%, if you provide us with the company's name and a link to their prices page.

Order Changes / Cancellations

Wristbands.ae will make every effort, upon your request, to change or cancel your order. If the order has reached the pre-production set up phase, there may be higher cancellation or change charges that apply. All of these charges will be a direct pass through from Wristbands.ae to you. If an item has begun production, unfortunately, we cannot stop or change the order. We can, if you wish, prevent shipment or redirect it. You will be charged the original amount quoted for all orders cancelled at this stage.

For any changes to the orders, you must call the sales department within 6 hours of placing the order with the correction. Also any cancellations of orders should be made within 6 hours of placing the order.

There will be a 2.5% service fee for any credit card payment for AED2500 or above.

When a deliver is not met we can only issue delivery charged , we cannot issue the production cost as production takes manpower and material , this is a non refundable

Customer has to return the product back, at his shipping cost for full refund.

There will be cancellation fees of AED5 for any order less then AED20.

A AED10.00 cancellation fee will be applied in order to cancel an order, given that they are cancelled before going into production otherwise other charges may apply.

When placing an online order, if you press 'SUBMIT' more than once your order may get duplicated. Once you inform us of any such duplicate charges, we will promptly credit the amount back to you if the order has not proceeded to production. By placing an order online the customer is giving Wristbands.ae the permission to charge the credit card they provide. When a phone order is approved via the automated email system the customer also gives Wristbands.ae the permission to charge the credit card. By agreeing to this policy the customer can not charge back the amount of the order to avoid payment.

* There will be no changes applied to RUSH orders.

We do not make any changes when the order is on machines(in production).
If for any reason changes need to be made then that will incur extra cost for the portion of products already completed + mold cost that the factory informs us.

PPE Products

All PPE Products are final sale and non refundable. Due to health and safety precautions, all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Products are non returnable and non refundable. All PPE products are final sale. Shipping & handling is non refundable.

Charge back

If a customer has done charge back they need to return all the products to us (provided office address).If you win the charge back and did not return the product we will charge you for the order.


Refunds due to customer errors will not be issued this includes, but is not limited to, typos in the message, wrong PMS color of wristbands, unable to meet the turnaround time stated. Wristbands.ae is not liable for anything more than the amount of the order.

Productions cost is not refundable.

If an order is late , only the shipping charges will be pro-rated.

Entire order must be returned back to the company by the customer in its original quantity as per invoice of actual order for full refund to be claimed.

Any problem or compliant on the order has to be registered within 15 days of receiving the product. Later than this no complaints will be registered.

Customer will have to ship the package back via ground shipping on his own expenses.


Once the order is placed, send us the artwork to our sales@wristbands.ae;?> immediately. The email should include all the instructions relating to logo/artwork.

Wristbands.ae inspects all artwork submitted to make certain that it meets the specific requirements for applying your sign to the products you selected. If minor modifications are required, we will make these free of charge.

We do not guarantee same color bands on re-orders.

We cannot duplicate orders 100%. However, we will try to make the order as close as possible. A digital proof must be requested to confirm the order. If any order(s) is sent without selecting a digital proof request then the order will not be our liability.

Website Images/Art work Proofs/Colors
We make every effort to provide clear and color-correct images that reflect the true nature of the products. However, website images, and emailed proofs are inherently limited in their ability to communicate color, scale, and detail.

The color in the proof is not the real color, It is difficult to show the correct color in the monitor, the color will be made in the pantone number "C" (not "U").

The digital proof option is only valid for 2 day if no changes are requested within 2 day or if we get no response from the customer we will start production on the order due to deadline reasons. We suggest that all customers approve the orders or make all changes. And finalize there orders in 2 days from the time of placing the orders.

For rush orders we can only wait maximum 6 hours for approval or changes. If no response received then we will start production on order as placed to match invoice details and no future complaint will be accepted.

For orders with fastest delivery of 2 days turn around time we can only wait for 1 hour for proof approval from customer else we will start production as ordered.

It is the customers responsibility to follow up on the digital proof as soon as the order has been placed.

Furthermore,it is the customers responsibility to call the customer care in the event the digital proof has not arrived.

This will ensure proper communication and placement of the customers order.

Swirl bands - Mixture of colors will create a shade of alternate colors.

Dual layer - These Bands are GLOSSY LOOKING. They are coated with paint on the outer layer which makes them look different from other styles which look matt.

Dark band colors will have less glowing effect as compared to white glow in dark bands as they absorb less light to glow in dark. white and green bands have the best glow effect.

For glow in dark bands - debossing and embossing will not be as clear as on a solid color band and this is common for any glow in dark product since glow bands are shady and translucent.

For swirled bands please note that the swirl on the layout is for reference only and the actual bands will be more random and will have some blending of colors.We also mention this on our proof.

Please note that for imprinted bands, after the message is printed on the bands, the bands will be put into oven for some time to dry out. The ink on black colored bands may change when it is under high temperature which causes the color to be “absorbed”. Therefore, the font color might look different on imprinted black bands. If this is not acceptable,we recommend you change the black bands to other colors or change to Debossed Colorfilled style wristband.

All metallic colors will change color overtime due to oxidation.

Tattoos Order Print Specs - Please allow for 1/4 inch bleed around tattoo paper. This means we cannot print tattoo artwork from edge to edge. If you need your artwork printed to this exact size upgrade your tattoo order by at least 1 size.

We cannot print any images deemed as inappropriate or vulgar.

We do not entertain abusive language on emails or profanity of any kind.

We will try to replicate orders as precise as possible of the images or reorders/duplicate orders that are given to us, but there will be no guarantee given on them. In case of reoders the colors might be slightly different as the these are manually mixed and slight differentiation is natural and inveitable

Price quotations are only valid if they are given in written by email.



Production time varies from 1 business day to 7 business days depending on the product, service, and quantity selected. If you have a deadline, simply give us a call and we'll do everything within our power to meet it.


Any order less 100 QTY for debossed style wristbands will be laser engraved and on such bands the message length cannot be more than 90mm hence the message was made as only a front message.

The printing of printed wristbands is expected to be visible for 1-2 weeks.

Production Process

Since our wristbands are made of 100% silicone, the finished products may have uneven edges and smudges which is a part of production process and it is normal as all wristbands are hand cut. The edges cannot be 100% perfect as they are done manually. These things are inevitable and we have no control over it.


Wristbands.ae guarantees to ship your merchandise on or before your specified date.  You should be aware that we cannot be held responsible for delays on the part of the carrier who is delivering your merchandise.

Their will be a AED20 charge incurred for ANY shipping address revision done to the address after the order has been shipped out and it is in transit. The charge will automatically be incurred on the payment method we have on file for that paticular order.

There will be a AED40 charge for re-routing a package. This includes unaccepted packages, unattended packages, or missed delivery from shipping career, that are returned to our facility.

The shipping is charged on each order to keep rate low on shipping products from CHINA to USA. If we combine shipping UPS and FED EX will increase our rates and we will have to increase the rate of our low priced products. We compensate the customers with 100 free bands in cases like these where we offer 100 free band to all order.

Wristbands.ae is not liable for any delays, holds or charges due to customs.

Due to increased order volume and the impact of COVID-19, it may take longer than usual to fulfill your order. If, by any chance, your order does get delayed or arrives later than expected and you would like a full refund, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you and fulfill any request. If you would like to keep your order regardless of the late arrival or delay, please inform us and we will credit the shipping cost back to you. Thank you for understanding and we appreciate your support.

Ultimately customers are responsible to verify all details on the invoice such as shipping address, Billing address, phone number , email address, colors, etc.

We consider shipping and production time from the date of approval. Weekends are not counted in delivery days . The in hand delivery date may change automatically without notice depending upon the approval of the proof

If any order is placed by our company sales rep they will not be held responsible for any errors as we provide our customer with order Receipt, Digital proof if those options are not utilized by customer they will be held liable on the account.

Any package that is there in our ware house for 7 or more days will not be our responsibility and will be discarded

Standard delivery:

Please note if order is not approved or no update or communication is received within 48 hours of placing the order then it will go into production as placed.

Rush delivery (anything less than or equal to 4 business days turnaround):

If order is not approved in 6 hours of being placed then it will go into production as placed.
Once order is in production no changes can be made.
If changes are still needed then there will be extra cost depending on the production which has been completed already by factory.

Shipping insurance :

Every order will have a shipping insurance added to the order according to the order style and size.
Shipping insurance will cover the following:
-Lost orders
-Defective Orders

*Customer can call within 24 hours of the order to waive the option to have insurance coverage and the sales team will have it removed.

International Customers:

International customers are responsible for customs and duty fees in their country. Customer is responsible for those fees because it is not included in shipping charges. No gift or lower value will be written/marked on custom forms.

If the shipping is international there will be customs fees which we are not responsible to pay for. The customer will be responsible for those charges. We are not responsible to contact Fedex or UPS for customs fees. The customer is solely responsible for these charges.

We are not responsible for the customs fees charged by FedEx and UPS.



Sales Tax
Wristbands.ae is required by law to collect all applicable sales taxes for the state, counties and cities of Texas . Companies, individuals and organizations who are exempt from sales tax should provide us with their resale certificate by fax to .

All prices and minimum quantities are subject to change. Wristbands.ae will make best efforts to keep pricing and quantities to date, from time to time actual market conditions may change the price of a product or the minimum quantity required for purchase.

In the event a product is listed at an incorrect price or minimum quantity due to an error, Wristbands.ae shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for products listed at the incorrect price or quantity and will help you choose a different item that is within your budget.

Only written quotes are valid, no non verbal quotes will be accepted.

Price quotes are only good for the date they where quoted.


Credit Cards
Wristbands.ae accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover & PayPal


More Info:

Keychains are for attachment purpose cannot be used as a wrist band.

Quantity less than 100pc are made by laser cut process, the text cannot be engraved deep in this process.

Internal message is slightly raised and that cannot be in different color.

Swirl : Blending/Mixing of 2 or more colors most likely to produce 3rd color, we will not be responsible for it. Segmented style is more recommended over swirl as the colors are more random & bleeding of color can be noticed.

Segmented: Message will be placed randomly on any color in segmented band style unless specified and the picture/preview is only for reference.

The debossing and color filling on 1/4th inch bands may not be deep and might not be that visible compared to half inch. Customer will be solely responsible for the selection of font and the after effects.

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